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What You Need To Know About Mortgage

It is everybody’s dream to own a home. The only way that you can actualize this dream is saving some money regularly from your income. This will require a lot of discipline and commitment so that you can achieve your goals. But if you do not want to go this route you can simply apply for a mortgage. But before you apply, you need to be aware of various facts that concern mortgages.

All about mortgage

So what is a mortgage?


A mortgage can be defined as a loan that one takes up, to purchase land or property. The loan in most cases runs for 25 years but the duration can either be shortened or lengthened depending on the preferences of the individual who is taking up the mortgage. The home that you acquire using that mortgage is used as security for the loan until you are done repaying it. If you default on repaying the mortgage, the lender can easily repossess back your home, resell it so that they can recover back their money. Have a look at for more information.

How do you work out how much you can afford?

Before taking up a mortgage, it is very important that you work out the amount that you can be able to repay. This is why it is advisable that you do not overstretch yourself out if you think that you may struggle in the repayment process of your mortgage.

For instance, before you decide to take up a mortgage to purchase a house, it is very important that you take into consideration what it will cost you running that particular home. This is regarding land rate payments, house hold bills, home maintenance and insurance.

Mortgage lenders will want some proof that you are regularly earning, they will also want to ascertain your expenditure and if you have any debts that you have not settled. All this is aimed at ensuring that you will be able to keep repaying the mortgage. If they think otherwise the possibility of them denying you that mortgage is very high.

Where do you get the mortgage?

Another very important aspect that you should establish before going for a mortgage is the most appropriate place to get it from. You can apply for your mortgage directly from a bank, or you can get it from a building society of your choice. Ensure that the bank or society is reliable and that the product that you have settled for best meets your requirements. If this becomes a little bit cumbersome for you, it is advisable that you seek the services of a mortgage broker.

It is also important to say that, you should take advice in any matter concerning mortgage not unless you have a vast experience in financial matters.

How do you apply for a mortgage?

klsdnvklasdnvlkasdvknsalvkalskdnvlksandvlknsalkdvnasdvIt is very important to know how you can apply for a mortgage. The process usually has two stages, the first stage is meant to find out the amount that you can afford, and the type of mortgages that are on offer.…

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