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5 Tips on House Painting

There are various reasons why you may postpone a house painting exercise. One of them is the lack of funds to buy and hire a professional painter. However, Southeast Painting company offers affordable painting services. You may also be undecided on the house paint color that you would like to change to, or you simply don’t like the way the exercise turn the house upside down and makes things that matter impossible to find.

House painting to make it fun and exciting

Watch out for lap marks

You can tell a distinguished house painter’s work from that of a novice by looking at whether he or she leaves behind a build up or layers of paint with a rough look and feel when the paint finally dries up. Avoid the layers by keeping an eye on the paint’s viscosity. Some paints get thick quickly under hot conditions. Ensure that the roller or the brush maintain a “wet edge” by overlapping its strokes till you get a smooth finish. In most cases, you need to make two rolls or brush strokes to achieve a soft outlook. Thinning out the paint using an appropriate ingredient can also be helpful.


Mix the paint in a large bucket

Color uniformity is difficult to attain if you mix the paint in small proportions. The occurrence is common in instances that require you to come up with a unique color by mixing different colors of paints. Mix the paint in a large bucket to obtain a uniform color since you won’t miss the precise blend of colors by repeating the process over and over again. Remember to cover the paint that’s not in use and place it in a cool place.

Cutting the tape

Know how and when to cut the tape that acts as a divider between two paint colors. Tapes are significant when you need to paint a stripe(s) of color(s) to achieve a unique effect. This could be your company colors or aesthetical aspirations meant to bring out a different outlook. Wait for at least 24 hours for the paint to dry up and then slice the tape using a sharp knife as you pull it toward you at a 45-degree

Follow a particular procedure

Clean dirty patches on the wall before you paint. This is irrespective of whether the paint that initially covered the wall was oil or water-based. The cleaning increases the paint’s adhesion capabilities. Consequently, you won’t experience peel offs. Fillers are significant if you are painting a cracked wall. Fill up the holes and the fissures using quality fillers to avoid the re occurrence of cracks. Move everything to the center of the room to create a free perimeter and arrange old newspapers next to the floor edges to prevent paint stains.


Paint from bottom to top

Paint the trim first because it’s easier to tape. Follow it by the ceiling and the walls. Do this in 48 hours or less depending on the type of paint you’re using and the wall or the room size. Painting from bottom to top also gives you a mix of neck-angle elevations, making the entire exercise fast and accurate is also one of the important tips on house painting.…

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